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Apr 21, 2019
Dear Forum Members,

To improve your user experience, we are thrilled to announce that our forum has been updated with several exciting new features.

First off, you may now customize the look and feel of your forum browsing thanks to our new forum themes. We have themes for any taste, whether you prefer something bright, dark, or neutral.

Read more about new themes over here

A new medals system that honors your forum contributions has also been put into place by us. You can receive medals for a number of accomplishments, including posting frequently, getting reaction score, or taking part in forum activities.

Read more about medals system over here

We've also included a large selection of emojis and reactions for you to use in your postings. Use a number of humorous and quirky emoticons to express yourself, and use a variety of reactions to acknowledge the efforts of other users.


Read more about emojis and reactions over here

Last but not least, we have introduced a blue verified tick, which appears next to the usernames of verified users.

Read more about blue ticks over here

We hope that these new features will enhance your forum experience and help you to connect with other members in a more meaningful way. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for further improvements. And you can expect more updates soon.

Best regards,
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