1. M

    Requests Ada asmr

    Anyone has her customs or other content?
  2. L

    Requests gamerkanojo

    Any luck on this one? She has a fansly with asmr content.
  3. Genesis568

    Requests Bianca is White

    Someone has the (bianca is white asmr) deleted videos? pls :PepeHands::PepeHands::PepeHands: - _________________________________________________________________________ -
  4. P

    Requests Zlata Yuki
  5. O

    Requests Beskrovna
  6. R

    Requests Daph_vt

    Fansly: Twitter (vtuber): Twitter (IRL): YouTube:
  7. K

    Requests Rita Freire (@ritafreire_)

    Parece ser bem conservadora , mas tem um corpão , seria interessante ter algo.
  8. B

    Requests ASMRmania
  9. Negan33

    Requests Andoresu ASMR

    YouTube Instagram
  10. L

    Requests ChanelsASMR / chanelskisses / chanelskissesxx

    She apparently had an Onlyfans around 2022 and this is all I could find. Hopefully someone else has archives because everything else is gone that I can find. YT: Twitter/X ( wiped) : OF ( gone ) :
  11. WQC

    Requests Mina makes noise patreon

  12. B

    Requests ASMR With Niko
  13. F

    Requests Solar Girl ASMR

    A great ASMR Creator with spicy audios. The Spicy audios links in kemono all are dead though. Links:
  14. Pepega_Clap

    Requests isel / just_isel ASMR The gorgeous Isel literally the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t do any NSFW content but I’d like to see if the pics are worth it I believe she only posts early access vids and exclusives
  15. Pepega_Clap

    Requests Elairida / grilthegamer Finnish cutie Ida she doesn’t do any NSFW shit but I’m interested in the ear licking and anything that might be kinda hot since she’s usually always content and covered up well
  16. D

    Requests Meninas Mulheres Nordestinas
  17. M

    Amateurs that offer NSFW customs

    Can you share the names of ASMR girls you know. Low key ones that are not well know. Who are also willing to do NSFW content on the down low?
  18. V

    Off Topic Looking for a specific cosplay/asmr joi creator

    I’m looking for a specific cosplay/asmr joi creator. The videos were pretty much always in the same room. The creator was femboy or trans I believe and I think I remember hearing that they took their videos down and moved to their own website. I can’t remember the name can anybody help?
  19. T

    Requests Whisperwind ASMR
  20. M

    Requests Alyssa Lea

    Her patreon: Her yt: Have y'all got anything about her?